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Med In Africa values existing organizations doing great work engaging African Diasporas in many parts of the World, as well as private and public sector organizations helping improve Healthcare in Africa.

Please join us and volunteer as a partner organization. We look forward to working alongside with you and your existing network of healthcare professionals, or Diaspora members.


udhf_final_0_0.png Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation UK is a UK-based organization engaging Uganda Diaspora healthcare professionals in the United-Kingdom. www
wdiasporas_logo.png WelcomingDiasporas is a France-based NGO with a network of presence in Africa, facilitating the return of African Diaspora to Africa or the “brain gain”, via entrepreneurship. www
2017_NamSor_Logo_white_x124.png NamSor is a European start-up specialized in helping countries re-connect with their diaspora for economic and scientific development. www blog

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