Med In Africa joins the discussion with The Economist on tackling the healthcare skills shortage

Nairobi 1 February 2017

Innovating Economies: Driving economic and health-care innovation for tomorrow’s Africa

The Economist’s summit brought together governments, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and media, to discuss innovation in technology, financing resources and building sustainable health systems.

Med In Africa CEO Yvonne Mburu was invited to a panel discussion on the role of Africa’s overseas diaspora in tackling the skills shortage in health. She stressed the importance of understanding the extent of the brain drain problem and finding creative solutions that leverage the diaspora’s skills, match the diaspora with their colleagues in Africa, and engage both groups as partners in solving Africa’s healthcare challenges.

“To succeed in harnessing all of Africa’s human resources – in and out of the continent – our strategy must reflect the global realities of the 21st century.”


Yvonne discussed Med In Africa’s undertaking actively mapping the skills of Africans in the diaspora, creating professional networks between specialists working in similar fields, promoting capacity building, and engaging African professionals through innovative platforms that allow them – no matter their location – to be part of a global knowledge community. In this age of technology, a specialist in Nairobi ought to be just as connected to a similar specialist in Johannesburg, Lagos, London, Boston or Sydney, as they are to their local colleagues. Making this a reality is Med In Africa’s mission.

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