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    Doctors, Scientists: Join the #MedInAfrica movement to revolutionize health and science in Africa. @MedInAfrica

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    Doctors, Scientists, Health Professionals: join the #MedInAfrica movement to revolutionize health and science in Africa. 

    Med In Africa is a social enterprise with the mission to create and support networks of African healthcare and science professionals all over the world. Individual membership is free the first year.

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    To our members, Med in Africa pledges

    • To mobilize our collective brainpower, resources and networks to drive healthcare innovation, education and policy in Africa
    • To maximize opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration between academia, hospitals, industry and government agencies
    • To facilitate skills exchanges, sharing of ideas and networking opportunities among members
    • To advocate for the professional advancement of our members
    • To showcase African talent and ingenuity to the world

    As a member of Med in Africa, I hereby pledge

    • To always represent honestly and accurately all my qualifications and professional expertise in both oral and written communications
    • To work together across networks to share resources, knowledge and best-practices
    • To commit to partnerships that foster collaborative work on areas of mutual interest
    • To uphold core values of integrity and cooperation with others, and to treat fellow members with humility, professional courtesy and respect
    • To freely cultivate professional relationships with no discrimination based on socio-economic status, gender, race, ethnicity, tribe, religion or sexual orientation


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    If you desire to see healthcare revolutionized on Africa, please join this movement!


    Our mission is to connect and engage African scientists and healthcare professionals globally. We want to make it easier for the diaspora to be involved in medical and science innovation in Africa, and conversely for professionals in Africa to be connected to their counterparts overseas. Join our community.

    What we do

    • We create and support global knowledge communities of African scientists and healthcare professionals
    • We provide a platform for scientists and healthcare professionals who are looking to collaborate with Africans anywhere in the world

    Why our work matters

    Of all of Africa’s wealth, her people are her greatest resource. Together, we can redress biases in how African science is valued. African scientists and healthcare professionals are dispersed all over the world, contributing to scientific discoveries and innovative medicine wherever they are.  By mobilizing our collective brainpower, resources and networks, we can advance science and healthcare innovation, education and policy in Africa. Together we can shape the narrative on Africa’s future.