We participate to a number of external industry events for general awareness. Also, we organize Med In Africa events for networking and capacity building.

Healthcare industry events

We want to make the Global Health community aware of the importance of understanding the extent of the brain drain problem and finding creative solutions that leverage the diaspora’s skills, match the diaspora with their colleagues in Africa, and engage both groups as partners in solving Africa’s healthcare challenges. We take the opportunity of global industry events to organize meetups with Med In Africa members and partners.

Med In Africa events

Med In Africa events are 2-hour web and physically hosted meetings bringing together in one virtual room :

  • Scientists and healthcare professionals in Africa
  • Scientists and healthcare professionals in the diaspora
  • A corporate member of Med in Africa (such as a Pharmaceutical Company)

Typically the 2-hour meeting is broken down into four 30-minute sessions: A 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minutes Q & A.

Please come back to view future events.

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