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Over the next 30 years, Africa will contribute to 54% of the worldwide population growth (more than 1 billion people). There will be an enormous need for modern healthcare services and facilities across the continent. Sadly, many talented and highly skilled Africans have left the continent in search for better opportunities overseas.

In science and medicine, this mass emigration of skilled human capital [known as brain drain] has hindered the advancement of science, research and innovation. The health sector has remained devastatingly underfunded and understaffed. In actual terms, brain drain represents the lost doctors and nurses, the lost scientists and pharmacists, the lost professors and scholars, the lost statisticians, epidemiologists and public health experts, the lost health entrepreneurs, the lost mentors for medical trainees, the lost voice of advocacy for better health and education opportunities. Nevertheless, many Africans in the diaspora have a desire to use their expertise to contribute to development back home.

Med in Africa is committed to illuminating the expertise of the African diaspora and maximizing our collective potential to make a difference. We facilitate trust and global collaboration between scientists and health professionals in Africa and in the diaspora. No matter where we are located, we can and should be a unified voice for the advancement of healthcare, science and education in Africa. This is a call to engage with each other, with our countries, and with our continent.

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We are a social enterprise. Our business is to offer direct and transparent Africa market access to non African Med Tech and Pharmaceutical companies. Conversely, we facilitate the emergence and international growth of African Med Tech and Pharmaceutical companies.

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